Greeley Area Business Recovery Fund

The Greeley Area Chamber of Commerce is leading a private fundraising effort to raise dollars for impacted businesses from COVID-19. We want to get local business back on their feet, employees back to work, and build back the heart of our communities. We want to help Greeley in the hour it needs us most.

As the leading business advocate for the Greeley Area, the Greeley Area Chamber of Commerce seeks to support its business investors throughout the region through advocacy and connections with over 700 business investors.


To support local businesses in addressing timing gaps in funding not supported readily with the federal assistance and in collaboration with its local partners. Our goal is to facilitate a short-term relief program for businesses hardest hit currently and offer immediate relief.

About Us

The Greeley Area Chamber of Commerce has a reputation for being a trusted leader and the lead business organization representing over 100 businesses in the area. For over 100 years, the Greeley Area Chamber of Commerce has stood strong to lend a hand and has held a deep commitment to the business community. It has seen local business large and small through changing economic conditions to sustain a strong economy. These are challenging times that call for unprecedented collaboration and we are the right ones to take care of them because of our relationship to them. The closing of a local business isn’t just a statistic, it is felt personally for a Chamber of Commerce.


The Greeley Area Chamber of Commerce is the leading advocate for local business. We seek to support business investors through advocacy for our business investors. At this time, the impacts from COVID-19 to the local and national economy run deep. We want to support your business if you are struggling to retain workers, keep your operation relevant and solvent and move your organization forward. We want this rapid relief to help stem the gap as businesses operating with critical weeks and days before operation changes forever.